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Top 5 free fitness apps of 2016

The Fit App helps you find a workout  / fitness partner for classpass or any exercise.

The Fit App helps you find a workout  / fitness partner for classpass or any exercise.

Top 5 Free Fitness Apps to Keep You on Track in 2016!

New year, new me... Right? It's January and the most crowded month for your local gym across the street. But before you go head over there and join all the rest of the people on the fitness bandwagon, consider ditching the high prices of gym memberships for the top 5 free iphone apps that can help you get in shape during your own chosen time and wherever your desire. Lucky for you, I have a compiled a list of some of the best apps to get your back on, or even start, your fitness grind for 2016. 

1. Zombies, Run!

    Need some motivation? How about running from some human hungry zombies. What better way to get started on your fitness journey than to get a light jog or sprint haha in everyday? With this app, your daily run turns into live-action zombie video game. Instead of running alongside the streets of your neighborhood, you're being chased by zombies and it's your job to escape and collect points and supplies along the way.!/id503519713?mt=8

2. PumpUp App

    Sometimes you need extra encouragement without having to bug your friends for validation that your PRs are impressive-- so this is where PumpUp app comes into play. It combines the features of a social media app with characteristics of a personal trainer. You can post progress photos and motivate other users, or even customize a workout to fit exactly to your liking.

3. MyFitnessPal

    Counting calories and tracking your meals has never been easier than doing so with the my fitness pal app. You can log all meals by searching the food items, inputing your own recipes, or even scanning the barcode of the package and see if you're meeting your daily nutrition goals. By using this app, you instantly become more aware of what you're putting into your body and help keep a more healthy lifestyle.

4. The FIT App

    Ever need a workout partner on short (or long) notice? Perfect. The Fit App does just that. With a quick Fit Match, you can head on to your favorite yoga class or pick-up basketball game with someone nearby who loves it just as much as you do. The fit app compliments classpass, fitbit, jawbone apps, underarmour apps, nike apps, and any exercise. Give yourself that extra push by working out with a partner. It keeps you on track and is way more fun than working out on your own!

5. Charity Miles

We love this app because well, you guessed it, it supports your favorite charity. Sign up , get sponsored and earn money for your charity when you workout!

So what's your pick?

The Fit App helps you find a fitness partner for Classpass!

Classpass and The Fit App, get more out of your workout!

The fit app is quickly becoming recognized as one of the best fitness apps of 2016 because of it's ability to enhance all the other fitness apps and wearables. Many Fit Team members are even using it to find a workout partner for classpass! Enjoy fit with wearables like fitbit and the xiaomi mi band.

Yoga teachers and personal trainers are also using FIT to connect with potential clients and form workout groups. The group messaging feature is great to let everyone know what you are doing and when you will be at the gym or yoga studio.

Use the app for running, cycling, hiking, tennis, gym, boxing, pilates, yoga, swimming, kickboxing, marathon training, triathalon training, any exercise!

Use The Fit app to help you stay motivated in 2016! 

Best Fitness App For Your New Year's Resolution 2016

The Fit App

The Fit App helps you find a fitness partner nearby and on demand to help you stay on track with your fitness goals in 2016. Fit uses their proprietary Smart Match Technology to pair you with that perfect fitness partner. Use it to stay on track with yoga, pilates, cycling, hiking, running, marathon training, weight lifting, crossfit, swimming, bootcamp, tennis, or any exercise. Never work out alone again, unless you want to!