1st and Future NFL and Tech Crunch Competition

1st and future competition nfl tech crunch

The Fit App enters 1st and Future NFL Competition by Tech Crunch and Stanford. 

The Fit App has entered the the first ever NFL technology competition that will air the day before the Superbowl. There will be three winners chosen by the NFL and Techcrunch. Tech Crunch will bring its Startup Battlefield format to San Francisco the day before the big game to host the competition. The NFL wants to see what tech company is best suited to enhance the fans experience at the game or the athletes safety on the field or while training. 

What is The Fit App?

Fit helps you find a workout or fitness partner nearby and on demand. You can use it for yoga, football, basketball, hiking, biking, swimming, whatever sport you want. Fit helps you stay on track with your health and fitness goals in 2016 and elevate the intensity of your workouts because you will always be working out with someone else. 

Fit is one of the fastest growing health and fitness apps and has been expanding rapidly around the world building a global fitness community that is positive and passionate about their health and helping others.